Well Tested Winners

Because every industry, website and business has at least some differences in buying psychology, traffic quality and competition, nothing works 100% of the time.

That said, after optimizing several hundred websites and running more than 6,000 a/b tests across a dizzying array of industries, we’ve identified many elements that consistently work to increase conversion rates on eCommerce websites.

Below we share three of our Well Tested WinnersTM.

If you have trouble implementing these concepts, our treasure trove of eCommerce conversion expertise (along with more well tested winners) are available to you through the various services we offer.

Seal the Deal

Winner - Seal the Deal

After running dozens and dozens of tests on the most popular security and trust seals, we’ve found that there are a few that consistently increase conversion, a few that consistently decrease conversion, and a bunch that have no real impact one way or the other. Here’s one you can try:

If you have an A or A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, prominently display their badge on every page, including throughout checkout, and you should see a bump in conversions.

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The Distracted Driver

The Distracted Driver

Put down the phone bro, or bro-ett (is that a word?). Anyway, sorry, I got distracted there. I’m trying to tell you about a simple navigation change that will increase mobile engagement and grease the path to conversion.

Mobile is the future. Actually it’s the now. Since a majority of your traffic may be visiting on mobile devices, if you can help them quickly locate the products in which they are most interested, you’ll keep them clicking and converting.

Simply analyze Google Analytics to identify the most popular category pages on your website. Be sure your site displays the top 6 or so categories above the fold on mobile devices.

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The Clipper

The ClipperHave you ever been right about to finalize your purchase on an eCommerce website when you see a big box prompting you for a coupon? When this happens, many people leave to search for a code. Nobody wants to be a sucker and overpay.

Maybe they come back, or maybe they get distracted by a better offer they find on a coupon site. If you have a huge coupon box blocking the path to the final click in your cart, you can benefit from this new treatment.

Deemphasize the coupon field. You can do this by hiding the form field behind a simple text link and move it outside the normal eye path. Visitors with a coupon code will be motivated to find it on their own and those without one will check out none the wiser.

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