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Fixed Fee Optimization Projects

When traffic is too low for testing or a monthly engagement does not fit in the budget, you can still enjoy a big conversion boost by working with our team on a fixed fee project.

Services - Best in Class 360
The Best in Class 360 project includes the same comprehensive research methods employed in our enterprise-level testing programs. We combine our research backed insights with our knowledge from running over 6,000 A/B tests to provide site-wide recommendations known to increase sales.

  • Recommendations for your home page through confirmation page
  • Implementation support and reviews included
  • Recommendations delivered approximately 60 days from kickoff
If your site is less complicated, your budget is smaller or your time frame a bit shorter, our Strategic Optimization project might be the best fit. The only difference between this project and the 360 project above is we do a bit less research and rely more on our experience and Best in Class Matrix.

  • Recommendations for all sections of your website
  • Google Analytics analysis and implementation reviews included
  • Delivered approximately 30-45 days from kickoff
Services - Strategic Optimization
Services - Express Review
When you want an eCommerce conversion expert to review your website and provide as many best practice recommendations as possible, our Express Review is a quick, low-cost option that still packs a punch.

  • Focused on key areas of your site
  • Delivered 2-3 weeks from kickoff meeting
  • Implementation reviews available for an additional fee
According to a recent report conducted by SEMRush, Direct Website Visits (meaning users like the site and return frequently), Time of Site, Pages Per Visit, and Bounce Rate are the four most important factors for organic search rankings. These user experience type metrics outweighed traditional ranking factors like keyword density and backlinks.

Inflow has developed a special project to apply user experience and conversion best practices related to these ranking factors to not only increase conversion rates but to enhance your organic rankings, too.

Services - CRO for SEO
Services - RAMPT
It’s well documented that slow page speed robs you of valuable conversions. Also, it is another organic ranking factor. RAMPT is a revolutionary project that will make your page speed as fast as possible.

  • Based on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework
  • Get new page templates that produce maximum PageSpeed
  • Get a score of up to 100% in Google’s PageSpeed tool
  • Covers desktop, mobile, and tablet

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