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Get 9 eCommerce Tactics That Always Win!

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After more than 10 years and over 6,000 tests, we know what increases sales on eCommerce websites.
Our eCommerce Conversion Marketing Playbook features 9 winning plays from the Conversion Optimization experts at Inflow.

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Get Expert Conversion Tactics for Your Website

Here’s a preview of the eCommerce Conversion Plays included in your download:

Global Plays

Zero to Hero
Change Your Global Header to Facilitate Clicks to Checkout

Seal the Deal
Increase Conversions by Highlighting the Right Trust Seals

Checkout Plays

Now You See It
Add Key Elements to Your Checkout Page to Remove Uncertainty

Be Our Guest
A Play that Removes Friction from Your Checkout Process

Focus Pocus
A Navigation Trick that Focuses Customers on Converting

The Clipper
Keep Coupon Hunters in Your Cart

Mobile Plays

You Down With TTC?
A Quick Way to Increase Phone Call Conversions

Eye Spy
A Mobile Search Move that Increases Engagement

The Distracted Driver
Fix Mobile Navigation to Reduce Confusion

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