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Continuous Improvement Services

Complete redesigns often cause drastic drops in conversion rates. In most cases, the best way to increase sales on an eCommerce website is to take an iterative approach.

Our continuous improvement programs come in three flavors. If you’re not sure which program is best for you, grab a free audit and we’ll make a recommendation.

The Site Continuous Optimization Program with Enhancements (SCOPE) is our flagship A/B testing program. The program combines research backed insights with our well-tested winners to increase your sales at least 20% within the first six months.

  • Our most impactful monthly testing program
  • All research tools including our proprietary testing platform are included
  • For sites with at least 50,000 users and 500 transactions per month
We win 80% of our tests. Industry average is about 50%. Since we’re confident our research backed insights will increase your conversion rates, when your traffic and transactions are too low for testing, we’ll work with you to implement our recommended changes directly to your website.

  • We conduct the same research as our regular SCOPE program
  • You’ll get a hit list of low hanging fruit plus high impact changes
  • Although we’re not testing, we’ll track trends in Google Analytics
Services - SCOPEdirect
Services - RapidTest
Some clients are in growth mode and are interested in rapidly testing as many ideas as possible. In those cases, we apply a more nimble approach to conversion rate optimization. RapidTest is based less on deep research and more on best practices gleaned from over a decade of A/B testing.

  • We’ll conduct research primarily using Google Analytics
  • Our proprietary testing tool is included at no additional charge
  • Depending on traffic volume, we’ll run 4-6 tests a month

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