Conversion Case Studies

We’ve selected three of our over 6,000 A/B tests to showcase a bit of our approach and give you insight into the sorts of things we’d be working on with you.

Optimizing Main Navigation Increases Conversion Rates by Nearly 20%

  • We analyzed Google Analytics to determine what the most popular navigation categories were.
  • We then reorganized the site’s global header to present options from most to least popular.
  • After client approval of the treatment, we ran a proper A/B test.
  • This relatively simple change increased conversions by 19.55% overall.
  • The increase was 51.48% on mobile devices.

Homepage Optimization Increases Sales by 23% in Testing.

  • With Heat-maps and Analytics, we determined 60% of people visiting the homepage had no idea all the categories were just below “the fold.”
  • There was also an unproductive form taking up valuable real-estate at the top of the homepage.
  • So we re-designed the top area of the homepage quickly and easily, then tested it properly.
  • Our test won by 23% with 99% confidence.

Site Header Optimization Increases eCommerce Conversion Rate by 14%

  • During the Discovery phase, many qualitative insights were gathered around shipping and returns.
  • User questions around Shipping and Returns were validated in Analytics as being the #1 and #2 user objections to buying.
  • Based on the UX experience and test history of more than 200 eCommerce header tests, the Conversion team at Inflow designed a new header.
  • The test lift in sales was 23% with 98% confidence. A “Conservative Sales Lift” of 14%.

“Steady improvements, good execution, It shows in the ROI.”